Posted on July 30, 2018

Take your time to read through our FAQ’s and don’t forget you can email us at mentomenireland@yahoo.com should you have further questions.

Q. Do you offer counselling to men and women? A. Yes.

Q. I have a problem with controlling my temper and the situation is getting worse especially with my children. Do you run group sessions for this sort of thing?
A. We do deal with anger management issues on an individual basis, where you can express yourself freely without the worry of being judged by others. We do hope to begin group work to support clients who are experiencing a lot of anger.

Q. What do you charge for a counselling session?
A. We have a flexible scale of charges based on the ability to pay. Cost for counselling sessions will be discussed during your first visit which is usually in the form of an assessment.

Q. I’m having problems with my relationship with my wife. Can you help?
A. A very high percentage of the cases we deal with relate to inter-personal relationship difficulties.

Q. Do I need a letter from my doctor before I can start counselling?
A. While we do take referrals from G.P.s and Community Health Teams, Individual clients can arrange an appointment by texting or calling us on 07469 809520.

Q. Are your Counsellors qualified?
A. All our Counsellors are qualified and members of the BACP.

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